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Debunking Environment Texas’ Flimsy Anti-Fracking UT Lands Report

ERM Considerations:
  • Executive Summary of Report: “Fracking should not occur anywhere”
  • University Lands have more stringent O&G regs than non
  • Water used on lands = 0.1% of state’s annual use
  • Water recycling increased 15x between 2011-12
  • Commission records do not indicate a single documented water contamination case associated with the process of hydraulic fracturing in Texas
  • Decade of O&G Emissions compared to 1 year of vehicle
  • Earthquakes?
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Insurer not liable in case settled without its consent

ERM Considerations:
  • The GA Supreme Court ruled that XL was not obligated to contribute to a settlement that they did not consent to
  • This is out of line with most similar cases because the burden is on the insurer to show it was prejudiced by the lack of consent
  •  This case will have a big impact on GA suits where consent is an issue but should not be a big deal outside of Ty Cobb’s home state
An insurer is not liable for a bad faith claim in a case where, contrary to policy language, an insured settled without the insurer’s consent, says the Georgia Supreme Court, in a case involving an XL Reinsurance America Inc.… Read More >

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