Charter Energy


Risk consulting is our strategic niche and provided through Charter's Enterprise Risk Management Program Development.

Charter's consulting services yields the following benefits to our clients:
  • Improves control and risk communication from C-suite to field employees
  • Improves corporate risk intelligence
  • Improves business results
  • Improves decision making process for risk transfer/retention mix
  • Protects the company's brand and reputation
  • Improves capital allocation decisions increasing enterprise value
  • Improves risk communication to the insurance market with program placements
  • Lowers the Total Cost of Risk
All consulting services are free to clients for whom we also act as an insurance broker. However, Charter also welcomes the opportunity to provide consulting services. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) enhances the traditional risk management process:
  • Traditional risk management focuses on minimizing impacts of operational risks
  • Insurance ≠ Effective Risk Management
  • ERM focuses on optimizing/improving decisions related to operational, financial, strategic and reputational risks
  • Through ERM, management clearly defines its corporate risk tolerance and sets appropriate risk thresholds
Recent Consulting Projects and White Papers
  • Enterprise Risk Management for the Energy Industry (Why, How and Implementation)
  • Hydraulic Fracturing: Effectiveness of Regulatory Mitigants
  • Oil & Gas Drilling; Disposal Wells; and Seismic Activity
  • Salt Water Disposal Well Risk Analysis & Considerations
  • Crude By Rail and The Importance of Risk Philosophy & Risk Appetite
  • C-Suite Energy Risk Management 101
  • Key Risk Considerations & Mitigants for Midstream Companies
  • Juicing Returns and the Importance of Consistent Risk Management for Private Equity