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Legacy pipeline infrastructure poses third party and environmental risks.

 From the article: A newspaper reports Pennsylvania has more than 10,000 miles of dangerously leaky, decades-old natural gas distribution pipes and it could cost $11 billion to replace them all.


Federal records show Philadelphia has the highest concentration of leaky gas lines in the state, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported Tuesday on its website. In 2013, Philadelphia Gas Works reported 89 leaks per hundred miles of gas line — eight times the national average.


The distribution network to homes and businesses, not to be confused with much larger interstate transmission lines, includes nearly 1.3 million miles of pipe nationwide.


Nationally, accidents involving distribution lines have killed more than 120 people, injured more than 500 others and caused more than $775 million in damage since 2004, according to the Tribune-Review analysis.


Peoples Natural Gas and Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania plan to spend more than $1 billion to replace pipe over the next few years. Other utilities around the state and the nation will spend billions more to remove high-risk pipe.


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